• Dates 2017
    Dates 2017

    You will find us at following fairs ...
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    02.05.-06.05.17 Metpack Essen , Germany

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    We are looking forward to meet you there.

    For further information please contact us: Telephone: +49 6331 8001 131, E-Mail: Info@wakol.de

  • Seminars and technical training
    06/01/2017 12:00 pm
    Seminars and technical training

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    To learn more about seminars and technical training with classroom and hands-on training please contact us:

    Loba-Wakol, LLC

    Telephone:   (704) 527 5919

    e-mail:        info@loba-wakol.com

  • Wakol goes Facebook!
    Wakol goes Facebook!

    Wakol can also be found now on...

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL based in Pirmasens can also be found now on the popular social network Facebook .

    @Wakol.Verlegewerkstoffe shares information about the product line Laying Materials , from product innovations through application examples up to updated technical informations.

    Besides that the follower on @Wakol.Verlegewerkstoffe will be informed about upcoming appointments, workshops or fair participation.

    Visit us on our new Facebook page!

    Wakol jetzt auch auf Facebook

    We’re looking forward to your active participation, your likes, comments and ideas! Your opinion is important to us.

  • interzum 2017
    04/03/2017 01:41 pm
    interzum 2017

    Wakol presents adhesive systems for the manufacturing of mattresses  and upholstery

    Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses at the upcoming interzum 2017 in Cologne.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from 16. - 19. Mai in Hall 10.1, Aisle A, Stand 058 and convince yourself of the product highlights INTERCOLL D 3447 and INTERCOLL D 3386 .

    INTERCOLL D 3447 Roller Adhesive – is a mattress adhesive for the manufacture of all types of mattresses. The water-based 1-C CR-Latex Roller adhesive is solvent-free and characterized by its superb tension stability when wet. The easy assembly and the process reliability are featured by the quick force build-up and the excellent instant tack.

    INTERCOLL D 3386 for direct packing – has been developed for roller and spray application. The very fast drying of the adhesive makes a directly packaging of the mattress possible. It can be used as one-side or contact adhesive for all common mattresses and upholstery materials.

    During interzum 2017 Wakol presents live two spray applications:

    The 2-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive INTERCOLL D 3453 is used in combination with INTERCOLL D 3437 Activator by spray-mix-application. It shows high initial strength for bonding foam materials in a short time.

    INTERCOLL D 3460 is a 1-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive can be used at a low spraying pressure, thus reducing the overspray and optimising consumption. The product can be applied using the "free-flow" method. In comparison to the mixed two-component adhesive, INTERCOLL D 3460 has a higher solids content and therefore a lower water content. This adds to a drying benefit.


    Further information on Wakol at  interzum www.interzum.de

  • Dates 2017
    Dates 2017

    You will find us at following fairs ...
    Interesting news are awaiting you!


    02.05.-06.05.17 Metpack Essen , Germany

    internet site

    We are looking forward to meet you there.

    For further information please contact us: Telephone: +49 6331 8001 131, E-Mail: Info@wakol.de

  • METPACK 2017
    METPACK 2017

    WAKOL Sealing Compounds – expanded product range

    Wakol presents at Metpack two new additions to its extensive Sealing Compound range.

    - WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    - WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums.

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is a water-based sealing compound based on SBR for beverage application and is suitable for the filling of mineral water, carbonated soft drink, beer as well as dairy products. It shows a very good performance using high throughput application machinery (up to 1500 epm / rotational multi-head liner) applying to small diameters.

    It is formulated to achieve virtually no taste or odour influences on filling goods. Therefore WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is suitable for taste-sensitive filling goods like e.g. mineral water.

    It complies with latest regulatory requirements, according to European and FDA food contact regulations. TNO and Nehring certificates are available

    It shows excellent performance on high-speed rotational multi liners due to low drying tendency on nozzles. Reject rates are exceptionally low. An excellent shear stability provides optimum performance through central supply systems.

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound is a two-component, self-blowing polyurethane foam. It was especially developed to form gaskets for pails and drum covers with ring ladge application. For the product, full compliance for food contact according to European Food Contact law has been achieved.

    As the foam shows a very good resistance against water, fats, oils and aliphatic solvents it can also be used for the sealing of packaging of aqueous-based products for technical applications, glycols, oils, aliphatic solvents and solid filling materials.

    The reaction leads to an elastic and fine-porous gasket with a smooth surface. 2-C-Polyurethane technology offers several advantages: no oven needed, high form stability of the gasket, plasticizer free, low migration, PVC free.

    The Wakol exhibition team is looking forward to inform you about the full product range and will be available for further details. Visit Wakol in Hall 3.0 Stand 3A34.

    Further information on Wakol at METPACK www.metpack.de

  • Innovations@Domotex 2017
    01/03/2017 01:44 pm
    Innovations@Domotex 2017

    Wakol participates at innovations@domotex2017 and will be presented with two products.

    Wakol presents innovative products during DOMOTEX 2017 from 14th till 17th january in Hannover. The products will be shown at innovations@domotex2017 as well as on Wakol's stand in Hall 7 Booth A41 .

    WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer - the first roll- and spreadable MS Moisture Barrier with strengthening effect

    WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive - the first 1-C MS adhesive for LVT Floorings.

    innovations@Domotex2017 presents innovative products the online as well as during the fair show in hall 9.

    Application and laying technologies Innovative exhibitors at DOMOTEX 2017 are demonstrating how the latest-generation technologies enable floor coverings to be laid more quickly and straightforwardly. "We have seen some exciting products that stand out thanks to creative and smart approaches. ..." explains Stefan Diez , Jury Chairman and Product and industrial designer.

  • Domotex 2017
    01/03/2017 05:32 pm
    Domotex 2017

    WAKOL presents it's newest products at Domotex 2017

    At Domotex 2017, 14th till 17th January in Hannover, Germany, Wakol presents live on stage the first firm-elastic parquet adhesive for the Application out of a sausage (tubular bag): WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic as well as the first 1-C-MS Adhesive suitable for the installation of LVT Flooring: WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive.

    The products will be presented by experts 7-times a day at the joint stand of Loba and Wakol.

    As part of the  innovations@domotex2017 two Wakol Products will be shown.

    • WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer – the first roll and trowel applicable moisture barrier based on MS on the market which is moreover oberflächen verfestigend
    • WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive – the first 1-C MS Adhesive for LVT Flooring

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic - A master stroke of strength and precision!

    An ergonomic workplace design raises the efficiency of employees. The increase of productivity and competitiveness are just some positive effects caused by this guarantor.

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic allows ergonomically processing in standing with all standard applicators. The reliable Wakol MS technology is optimised for sausages and convinces with a fast and precise adhesive application. The first firm-elastic Adhesive scores with a quick setting and a high initial grab. These advantages allow bonding of all relevant type of parquet flooring.

    Due to its high inner strength enables it to more comfortably absorb any movement caused by expansion of the parquet flooring. Parquet flooring laid with firm-elastic adhesive has a smoother surface than flooring laid using standard elastic adhesive.

    WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive Powerful appearance

    As of now it is possible to use a 1-component MS-Adhesive in demanding floor laying situations. For the first time it is not only possible to lay Resilient and Rubber Flooring but as well LVT flooring with WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive securely. It doesn't matter whether you want to bond flooring on absorbent or non-absorbent subfloors, indoors or outdoors.

    With the new product from Wakol flooring can be securely laid in areas with high requirements such as increased moisture entrance areas or high thermal load conservatories due to sunlight. Challenges such as areas with forklift traffic and heavy-duty requirements are overcome by the secure and stable bond.

    WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive is characterised by its very low squeezing tendency. For unavoidable work on the flooring imprints in the surface are kept to a minimum. LVT flooring is held securely in place right from the start thanks to the high suction adhesion and initial tack. Owing to the firm adhesive grooves of WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive, residual indentations are kept to a minimum just as well as with a fibre-reinforced dispersion adhesive. Adhesive residues on the surface of the flooring can be removed completely whether fresh or hardened.

    After covering the remaining adhesive and closing the container the adhesive can be used for subsequent installations.

    More information

    Further information to the products can be obtained on the internet site , by mobile phone direct as well as via a QR code on the label.

    Visitors at Domotex 2017 are able to see the new products for themselves. Wakol demonstrates together with Loba 7-times a day which products are a must in 2017. Visit Wakol in Hall 7 Stand A 41.

    Further information on Wakol at DOMOTEX www.domotex.de

  • New edition product line Florring Adhesives
    New edition product line Florring Adhesives

    Wakol presents the updated version of the strong product line Flooring Adhesives.

    Costumers are able to catch up on all products, which are offered by Wakol. This applies especially to the new product highlights , like the WAKOL MS 325 Moisture Barrier and WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive . The product line is divided into the categories: subflooring preparation , resilient flooring adhesives , wood and cork flooring adhesives , accessories and tools , explanations and useful things to know.

    As you can see: Wakol offers a huge product variety in flooring adhesives for the parquet and flooring laying crafts.

    Product Line Flooring Adhesives 2016 as download .

  • Wakol find’s in ARDEX strategic partner for continued expansion
    Quality associates

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession ...

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession.

    Ardex, specialist for building chemicals based in Witten, Germany acquires a majority interest in Wakol. Family owners who are currently active in the business continue to hold substantial shares.

    With Ardex as partner Wakol strengthens its system expertise, its global footprint and therefore ensures a sustainable growth.  

    This cooperation holds big potential for for future growth for both companies.

    Mark Eslamlooy, CEO of Ardex Group, is excited about the future together: “This cooperation with Wakol is a perfect way for us to increase our systems expertise in the flooring industry massively. I cannot imagine having a better partner because like Ardex Wakol stands for highest technical expertise, quality and innovation. This shared philosophy is the base for our future success.”


    Wakol stays independent

    Wakol continues to operate as independent entity. The current managing directors  Christian Gross, Dr. Frederic Holzbaur, Dr. Martin Schäfer and Steffen Acker will continue to run the business. Company name, location, brand and sales strategy will not change. The point of contact for customers as well as suppliers will also stay the same.

    Through this cooperation both companies will increase their expertise in the business segment flooring systems. Both brands will continue to focus on their existing distribution channels and invest in its further development. Also both companies will continue to offer their distinguished product portfolio under their own brand.  

    Wakols further business segments Industrial Adhesives and Sealing Compounds will also continue increase without change. The international network of the Ardex Group offers opportunities for growth there as well.

    Christian Gross, CEO of the Wakol Group is convinced: „ With Ardex as partner we have a very promising prospective for the future and at the same time foster our culture as family  owned business.“


    Location in Pirmasens will be strengthened

    Wakol’s current location in Pirmasens will be expanded to become Ardex’s development centre for flooring adhesives in Europe. It is also planned to expand Wakol’s existing manufacturing capacity into the Groups European production centre for flooring and industrial adhesives.


    Similar values:

    Base for a partnership are shared values like: quality, innovation, technical expertise, reliability as well as a clear strategic alignment. Strong similarities in the company culture are crucial prerequisites and guarantee the future success for the cooperation.


    About Ardex

    For more than 60 years, ARDEX has been the quality leader for an entire industry, offering excellent building chemicals with supreme processing reliability – the brand of choice for installers and wholesalers. ARDEX today is still an independent family-owned business. ARDEX is present in more than 50 countries around the world and has 2,200 employees. With its twelve major brands, the ARDEX Group generates total turnover worldwide of more than 540 million euros per year.


    About Wakol

    Wakol GmbH is a leading family owned business in the adhesive industry as well as in the packaging industry with a total turnover of 58 million Euros. In 2014 Wakol achieved a growth of 5.5%.

    Wakol, headquartered in Pirmasens, Germany continuously increased the number of employees over the recent years to currently 190 employees. 160 of that are based in Pirmasens.

    Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands which are core markets for Wakol’s flooring products Wakol is also active in USA and Poland. 

    Wakol develops, manufactures and distributes very successful Flooring products, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. For 80 years Wakol stands for Quality and Customer service. Wakol was repeatedly able to develop industry changing innovations. The chosen markets and niches provide excellent opportunities for future growth.

    Press release as Download

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Dates 2017

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