Installing Resilient Flooring

WAKOL MS 550 Resilient and Rubber Flooring Adhesive

Scope of application

One component adhesive for the installation of homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC-flooring in sheets and tiles, luxury vinyl tile floor in planks and tiles, solid vinyl plank or tile per ASTM F 1700 13a, rubber flooring and outdoor floorings on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors and outdoors.
Special Features:
·Zero VOC
·Suitable for chair Castors
·Approved for radiant heated floors
·Suitable for heavy loads
·Can be used directly on top of PU 280 Moisture Barrier

material number

container size

WA-FL-102 2.3 gal

Application method:

WAKOL RT 5960 Cleaning Towels before adhesive is cured

Flash time:

approx. 0-20 minutes, depending on the flooring

Open time:

Light foot traffic after 12 hours; full traffic after 24 to 48 hoursdepending on room climate on job site

Storage information:

1 year in unopened container at 70 °F / 23 °C




0 g/l US regulatory

Trowels and coverage:

WAKOL A1 - 3/64” by 1/16” by 1/64” V-Notch, up to 260 sq. ft. / gal.; WAKOL A2 - 1/16” by 1/16” by 1/16” V-Notch, up to 160 sq. ft. / gal.; WAKOL B1 - 5/64” by 3/32” by 7/64” V-Notch or 3/32”by 3/32” by 3/32” V-Notch, up to 135 sq. ft. / gal.

Climate conditions at work site:

60 °F / 15 °C to 75 °F / 24 °C, 40 % to 65 % relative humidity

Working time:

approx. 35 minutes