INTERCOLL D 3387 Acrylic Adhesive for the mattress industry

  • Economical inline packaging possible
  • Safe water-based solution CR and solvent-free


  • Convenient Smart Clean Concept for roller cleaning
  • Universal highest adhesive performance on all relevant substrates
INTERCOLL D 3387 Acrylic Adhesive for the mattress industry with coordinated INTERCOLL D 4560 Roller Cleaner

Current market trends towards alternative retail models are forcing mattress manufacturers to adapt. Manufacturers are now faced with increasing demands for speed and flexibility, which requires alternative ways of organising production processes. The choice of adhesive can have a big impact! The best way to achieve maximum flexibility is to use so-called "thermo-adhesives", where a drying process takes place after the material has been applied by a double roller. In this way, residual moisture is minimised so that long storage times are not required. The mattresses can be packed and shipped immediately after production.

INTERCOLL D 3387 is a 1-component, water-based adhesive for mattress production. The unique formulation is free from polychloroprene latex (CR) and solvents. The adhesive is formulated without organohalogen compounds and thus offers a functioning and market-tested alternative to previous systems.

INTERCOLL D 3387 is a 1-component adhesive and can be applied with all commercially available rollers or spray guns and bonded immediately after drying.

INTERCOLL D 3387 can be pumped flexibly and tailored to the application situation, either free flow, from the pressure tank or with a membrane pump. The adhesive can be sprayed or applied by roller without any problems.

INTERCOLL D 3387 is very well suited for bonding all common absorbent and non-absorbent substrates for the production of mattresses as well as for finishing. Very good initial adhesion is achieved on common materials such as foams, non-woven, cover fabrics, wood, hardboard, cardboard, etc.. Even on low-energy plastic surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene, INTERCOLL D 3387 scores with very good immediate adhesion. One-sided adhesion is possible.

INTERCOLL D 3387 is a so-called drying adhesive, where a drying step takes place after the application of the material. In this way, residual moisture is minimised so that no intermediate storage is required. INTERCOLL D 3387 has a high adhesive strength and a high strength of the bondline immediately after drying. The mattress can be packed and delivered inline immediately!

Due to its high ageing stability, INTERCOLL D 3387 supports the quality of the end product. Due to its particularly low yellowing tendency, the adhesive can also be used very well under light-coloured and thin cover fabrics.

With INTERCOLL D 4560 Roller Cleaner, Wakol introduces a world first, a highly efficient, water-based cleaning technology. Cleaning rollers and tools can be a challenge due to the excellent tackiness of INTERCOLL D 3387. But that's all over now: a small amount of INTERCOLL D 4560 Roller Cleaner applied to the roller at the end of the working day transforms adhesive residues into a non-sticky, non-hazardous mass that can be easily removed and disposed of. The system is sustainable because the use of solvents and excessive amounts of cleaning agents, water and cloths are a thing of the past. The Smart Cleaning process, automation on a double roller system, results in significant savings. This can reduce the time spent on cleaning by 90 % of the effort!

INTERCOLL D 3387 is Eco Passport certified and complies with Nordic Swan, Cradle2Cradle as well as IKEA IosMat. The solvent- and CR-free system consisting of INTERCOLL D 3387 and INTERCOLL D 4560 Roller Cleaner is sustainable, easy and cost-saving to use thanks to its resource-saving properties.