NTERCOLL D 3442 Roller adhesive for the mattress industry

  • Easy to apply – excellent instant tack
  • Safe – superb tension stability when wet


  • Strong – ideal for manufacturing spring mattresses
  • Very low emissions – water-based 1-C CR-Latex adhesive

INTERCOLL D 3442 is a versatile mattress adhesive which is ideal for the manufacture of all types of mattresses. The adhesive can be used for the assembly of sandwich mattresses and spring mattresses with high tension.

Thanks to the very quick initial tack, INTERCOLL D 3442 supports the worker with safe assembly and reduces the effort required when joining. This in turn increases production efficiency. The quick force build-up increases the process reliability and product quality. Tensions in the glue line are reliably maintained.

INTERCOLL D 3442 is suitable for all common application methods used in the mattress industry. The adhesive works for the assembly of mattresses, using double rollers as well as low pressure spray guns.

The 1-C CR-Latex Roller adhesive INTERCOLL D 3442 is solventfree and odourless, leading to good workplace hygiene. The formulation concept means work equipment and hands can be cleaned with water without the need for special cleaning agents.

INTERCOLL D 3442 can be processed in free flow. There is no elaborate equipment required, when it comes to supply the adhesive to double rollers or to built up material pressure needed in the spray guns. The container can be placed at least 1 - 2 meters above application height. The hydrostatic pressure resulting from level difference is sufficient for the required amount of material.

INTERCOLL D 3442 has a very high ageing resistance, which in turn leads to the long life of the end product. The environmental friendliness is certified with the TÜV certificate "emissionstested" and the Eco Passport.