INTERCOLL D 3460 Spray adhesive for foams

  • Very fast – extremely high initial tack
  • Quick – no airing time required


  • Easy – single-component, bag-in-box packaging
  • User-friendly – genuine alternative to solvent-containing adhesives

INTERCOLL D 3460 bonds all usual padding materials, e.g. foam, fleece, cover fabrics, wood, hard fibre and cardboard. The waterbased polychloroprene-latex adhesive is also ideal for more difficult substrates such as non-woven fabrics, visco foam, etc.

INTERCOLL D 3460 enables a high working speed thanks to its high initial tack. This is achieved with a new formulation concept, whereby the adhesive already coagulates in the spray jet, thus no airing time is required. INTERCOLL D 3460 is a high-performance contact adhesive, which leads to immediate material fracture. But it can also be used as a single-sided adhesive, thus allowing for corrections. Based on these properties, INTERCOLL D 3460 represents a genuine alternative to solventcontaining adhesives.

INTERCOLL D 3460 can be used at a low spraying pressure, thus reducing the overspray and optimising consumption. Despite the low spraying pressure, a high initial tack is achieved compared with commercially available single-component water-based foam adhesives.

The product can be applied using the "free-flow" method. To carry the material and to build up the necessary material pressure in the gun, no special complicated equipment is required. The practical packaging units can simply be placed on a shelf at least one metre above application height. The hydrostatic pressure resulting from the height difference is entirely sufficient for the required material quantity. In comparison to the mixed two-component adhesive, INTERCOLL D 3460 contains more solid material and therefore has a lower water content. This adds a drying benefit.

INTERCOLL D 3460 is odourless. It is easy to remove from the fingers. Adhesive on floorings does not create any slippery surfaces.

INTERCOLL D 3460 has a very high ageing resistance, which in turn leads to the long life of the end product. The environmental friendliness is certified with the TÜV certificate "emissionstested" and the Eco Passport.