Constant quality for your processes

Product functionality is the foundation. But only with our capability to meet tight specifi cations reliably do we enable you to achieve the greatest possible effi ciency in your work procedures, in particular with complex formulations. Continual, substantial investments in processes, infrastructure and IT, and a transparent quality organisation according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, ensure compliance with the highest requirements, such as those of the food industry, and establish the role of Wakol as the leading supplier.

Be professionally prepared for the approval process

Our central technical support will reliably provide you with the product's technical data and information that you need for complying with legal requirements or for the qualifi cation by your customers. Here we have recourse to our well-equipped analytic systems and application tests. For meeting legal food requirements and for conducting biotests we closely co-operate with independent test and analysis institutes. The numerous approvals are proof of our success in this regard.

Be part of a systematic innovation process

More than 15 % of our employees are highly qualified people in development and application technology. Continuous high investment in equipment, testing and co-operation with external experts yields the greatest efficiency and  flexibility. A methodologically guided innovation process and close dialogue with you ensure prompt and tangible implementation of the requirements of the technological leader of an industry with our corresponding product lines.

High demand associates you with a powerful technological partner

Without your consistent claim to quality, to the cost effectiveness of your processes and to the differentiation potential of your products, you cannot achieve sustainable economic success. Particularly in the production of metal packaging – for food just as much as for technical goods – intelligently employed sealing compound technology can signifi cantly contribute to protecting your competitive edge. The demand we place on ourselves is to help you make this difference with our product systems and our expertise.

Join us in assuming responsibility for our environment

Quality of the environment is part of product quality. Active processor and end consumer protection, protective handling of natural resources, foresighted implementation of measures in occupational, environmental and climate safety always guides our actions. The priority we set in this regard forms a bond with you: transparent and open information is part of our consulting service.