INTERCOLL D 3470 – Spray adhesive with less overspray

  • User-friendly – less overspray
  • Clean – less contamination, better workplace
  • Hygiene efficient – reduced material consumption
  • Fast – very fast initial tack despite low spray pressure

Due to its special formulation, INTERCOLL D 3470 suppresses the formation of fine spray mist. This leads to more efficient use of the adhesive thanks to greater transfer efficiency with the spray application and less overspray. As a result, up to 10 % more productivity is achieved. The workstation and the surrounding area are therefore significantly less contaminated.

The water-based polychloroprene-latex adhesive INTERCOLL D 3470 bonds typical upholstery materials, such as foam materials, non-woven materials, upholstery fabrics, wood, hard fibre, cardboard, etc.

INTERCOLL D 3470 displays very fast initial tack even at very low spray pressures.
This is achieved with a new formulation concept, whereby the adhesive already coagulates in the spray jet, thus no airing time is required.
INTERCOLL D 3470 is a high-performance contact adhesive, which leads to quick material fracture. But it can also be used as a one-sided adhesive, thus allowing for corrections. Based on these properties, INTERCOLL D 3470 represents a genuine alternative to solvent-based adhesives.

No special handling equipment is required for processing the adhesive; the product can be processed in free flow, no elaborate equipment is required for building up the necessary material pressure in the gun. The practical packaging units can simply be placed on a shelf at least one metre above application height. The hydrostatic pressure resulting from the height difference is entirely sufficient for the required material quantity. In comparison to a mixed 2-component adhesive, INTERCOLL D 3470 contains more solid material and therefore has a lower water content. This results in shorter drying times.

INTERCOLL D 3470 is odourless. It is easy to remove from the hands. The adhesive is also almost pH-neutral. Adhesive on floorings does not create any slippery surfaces.

INTERCOLL D 3470 has a very high ageing resistance, which in turn leads to the long life of the final product. The environmental friendliness is certified with the TÜV certificate "emissionstested" and the Eco Passport.