INTERCOLL D 3480 Water-based hybrid adhesive for the upholstery industry

  • Fast maximum initial adhesion
  • Economical also for one-sided application


  • Universal for bonding substrates that are also difficult to bond
  • Clean Clean Transfer Technology
INTERCOLL D 3480 – The multitalent for soft foam bonding!

INTERCOLL D 3480 is a 2-component, water-based, solvent-free and plasticiser-free spray adhesive. The innovative, hybrid formulation concept combines the advantages of acrylate and CR binding agent technology. The adhesive opens up undreamt-of possibilities of bonding all materials for the manufacture of upholstered furniture, office chairs and sprung mattresses.

Both components can be delivered flexibly and customised to the processing situation, both free flow, from the pressurised container and using a diaphragm pump. The system can be easily used for individual workstations and in a central supply system.

INTERCOLL D 3480 is a 2-component adhesive and can be used with all commercial spray application systems in the SprayMix method. The best results are achieved with INTERCOLL A 5978, the specially developed spray application system. With the  clean transfer technology, it impresses with regard to transfer efficiency, spray prevention and workplace hygiene. The adhesive is applied precisely with exact edges. The workplace is also less polluted thanks to the accurate application at the edges.

The substrates can be bonded immediately with INTERCOLL D 3480 without any drying time. Thanks to the immediate adhesion, bondings of difficult surfaces with high tension are also possible. Even with one-sided application most substrates can be bonded when under tension.

INTERCOLL D 3480 is perfect for bonding all common absorbent and non-absorbent substrates for the manufacture of upholstered furniture, office chairs and sprung mattresses, as well as for assembly/packaging. Excellent initial adhesion is achieved with common materials such as foam, fleece, upholstery fabric, wood, hard fibre, cardboard, etc. Even on low-energy plastic surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene, INTERCOLL D 3480 impresses with superb immediate adhesion, perfect for the manufacture of office chairs. With its very wide range of applications, the hybrid adhesive INTERCOLL D 3480 can be used as a real alternative to solvent and CR products and hotmelt.

Thanks to its high ageing resistance and the excellent heat resistance, INTERCOLL D 3480 assists the quality of the end product. The adhesive is suitable for use under light and thin upholstery fabric thanks to its resistance to yellowing. With its soft adhesive seam INTERCOLL D 3480 supports the comfort of the end product.